About us

Heyoo! We are two goofs in Orlando, FL with a passion for creative tings (you don’t say...)

We can start by telling you how Aisha was born with a crayon in her hand and didn't hesitate to make murals on her bedroom walls when all the coloring books were filled up. Or we can start by telling you about little baby Mo who used literally anything as drumsticks (sorry to ya mam’s candles) and has the willpower and dedication to rise to any sick challenge (hence the drumstick candles). But let's fast forward a few decades to the point where they met and decided “Hey, let’s combine our powers to create an awesome brand we can love & share with the world.”

And so ShopTings was born! *fanfare sound here*

And since day one (which seriously was only a few months ago) our goal has been to pull from the weird, creative goop in our minds and transform that into designs that make smiles & inspire. See, we treasure the silly and weird tings in life & believe that through these things we can promote happiness, self-love, and confidence. We celebrate imperfections and always strive to be real and relatable — walking the walk in all that we do. And, ya know, this isn’t just about spilling our creative brains - we want in on your messy genius too! Spread it! CONTAMINATE.

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is, we will always strive to be an inclusive brand. We want ANYONE who relates to our aesthetic to feel like part of the ShopTings fam. Nomsayin’, fam? Cause that’s what it’s about (Uncle Dom knows what we’re talking about). So enjoy our silly, dope designs. Wear them. Slap them on tings. Use them to wipe your pupper’s snotty button nose (why are their noses always wet?!). Whatever! If it makes you happy and sparks a new perspective in your life, we’ve reached our goal.

Much Love,
Aisha & Mo